UKIP: South East MEP Hustings 2013


It was a good day for me, I’ve gained some interesting insight of how the internals of UK Independence Party work. At H.G. Wells centre in Woking, UKIP had a testing session for candidates for MEPs. They had opportunity to show off their public speaking skills and answer a few questions. There were 21 of them, and as first on the list was Nigel Farage.

I had the opportunity to ask him a question. I went with ‘does goal justify the means’ and he dodged the question beautifully, answering ‘is our goal noble and holy’ instead. He truly is a highly skilled professional politician, so we applauded politely 😉

I asked the same question to a couple more candidates but they either dodged it copying Farage or missed it, from my point of view. I believe that goal never justifies the means, with one notable exception of dealing punishment to a criminal. That would be the only exemption from the rule. In common sense language that means: we can do naughty things to people only if the people have broken the law.

One gentleman asked one young lady something about the Gypsies and what should be done to them, and she went on answering that question probably without realizing what she was saying. I was told about a meeting of Roman generals on which they had debated whether to revolt against Cesar. They debated and debated and one of them finally cut the debate short: the very fact that we are here and are discussing is already a revolt! By answering a question about what your policy would be, you are acknowledging the fact that you are happy dividing people on Gypsies and non-Gypsies. That is unacceptable from a politician, what should be important for a politician is whether the Gypsy or not-Gypsy has broken the law. If they have done nothing wrong, leave them alone, if they have broken the law, they have broken it as a human, not as a Gypsy or non-Gypsy. Furthermore, when regulating, you should never punish people who have done nothing wrong, just because they belong to the same group of people as a criminal.

I also indulged myself a bit in the local politics, as a couple of other Surrey Heath UKIP committee members were present and we had some good talking. A good day indeed.