I don’t know when I started to think, but I believe I was free to think from the day of my creation. It is my natural right.

A few years ago I started a kind of hobby: Objective-C programming. First on Macs, then iPhones and the rest of iOS devices. Apple engineers created beautiful language with first class development IDE and solid API running on best hardware on the planet. Amazing hobby, and I’ve never been so creative in my life. I have tons of ideas, and enough wisdom to store the best of them. Some of my ideas could become patents.

I do not understand the logic of patent laws. Why is wheel not ok to patent, but 5 wheels combined are? It is my natural right to have any idea I want, by ability to think inside my head. When we give anyone the right to dictate what is not in our heads, they can decide to remove our frontal lobes too, can they not? It is our natural right to exploit ideas we have, however we please, as long as we do not hurt others in the process. 

It is our natural right to hide our ideas from others: keep them secret, keep them safe; if you prefer 😉

Preventing me from having certain idea by putting this idea in some place with limited public access is an obvious infringement of my freedom to think, it is not something I want to be done to me. Current US patent law is not compatible with Ultimate Law.

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