UKIP: What after EU?


UKIP is looking at a real chance of placing our front man Nigel Farage as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

This could happen after 2015 elections if UKIP will form a government with Tories or Lib Dems. 

Lib Dems are actually quite a funny set of folks. They seem to have no strategic plan other than tactics required to sell themselves most efficiently. Opportunists, if UKIP is able to secure enough wealth to keep them happy, can be instrumental. Lib Dems are mercenaries of politics; it is quite dangerous to let them wield real power for too long. Mercenaries go nuts with power.

Tories are confused. As soon as any of them realise it is not the spoon which bends, they realise we, at UKIP, are the Tories now. I mean, it is that simple and I belive it to be true, UKIP stands for what the traditional common sense folk believes in. With that assumption, there’s nothing but time for UKIP to become Tories. The process should be accelerating, perhaps geometrically.

If none of that happens before 2015, Nigel is able to run for another two or three seasons. He will become like very old wine, sourer and more expensive, but nonetheless wiser and more capable. One of my favourite sayings is this: if you sit on the bank of the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy floating by. Nigel can do it.

More interesting is, what he will do after becoming PM. He can then become Nigel Farage, one of the prime ministers of some island country. Or, Nigel Farage who introduced The Constitution of United Kingdom and kicked off the new British Empire. I would give a lot to have that choice.

I was born in socialist Poland during Cold War. I grew up on Science Fiction. I’m in XXI century now and my flying cars have been stolen, replaced by the security farce at the airports. 

The same socialism I was born under slowly crept into Western politics and now we have a choice between socialists from Tory or socialists from Labour or socialists from Lib Dem. I despise all forms of socialism, apart from the voluntary. I have no problem whatsoever when people are offered a deal and they insure themselves voluntarily. Insurance is a service coveted by many people, but it should never be forced as something mandatory, especially not by the government.

I have two daughters now, I don’t want them to live under socialism, please. It sucks.