Ultimate Law is an answer to the question: how would the smallest possible law look like, as defined by common and natural lawyers, compatible with established science of law, in order to encode self-emergent principles required to protect freedom of trade from being eroded and destroyed by so-called politicians in the future?

Ultimate Law

Logic is the ultimate law.

Do not do to others what they would not want to be done to them, or you will be punished regardless of your will.

The purpose of punishment is to erase guilt, via retribution and restitution.

That is the entire law; it cannot be changed, all the rest is commentary.

It is a rendition of natural common law, compatible with modern standards taught to students of law.

Among other things, Ultimate Law is an improved version of Google’s “Don’t be evil“, which once upon a time was made as a promise to humanity in return for the corporation becoming primary user-interface for knowledge-base of entire species. Unfortunately this contract was broken blatantly.

Ultimate Law was designed to become the constitution of Earth and humanity as a whole. The rules which self-emerge, or can be derived if you will, from the law enshrine and protect freedom and right to free trade.

Common sense logic is used to derive the commentary part of Ultimate Law from passive version of ancient, self-emergent from reality Golden Rule. Same commentary is derived using more strict mathematical logic of sets. Life can be defined as anti-entropy force, and Golden Rule is and always be part of sentient life as soon as they understand how to be helped, but also harmed because knowing how to help is knowing how to avoid harm too.

Template form of it can be easily adopted as company law, forum law, club law, or law of any “non-evil” organization which would benefit from having it.

It can be used as semi-autonomous impartial judiciary tool when used as guiding principle of AI central algorithm.

It is free to use in any organization, commercial or otherwise.

It is extremely scalable and can be applied in organizations as small as a family, as complex as an android or as big as an empire. Its use was only modelled but is yet to be applied at some extreme scales. Applied with correct definitions of private property at country level, it will stop Communism, Socialism and similar centrally-planned systems of wealth redistribution.

It is a practical example of nomocracy (vs. democracy or republic models which allow laws, the basic rules of free trade game, to be changed by some of the participants during that game session).

Example Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

You own the property of your body and you are responsible for its actions.

Example Commentary

Do not lie.

Do not steal.

Do not harm.

Do not murder.

No victim, no crime.

Agreements must be kept.

Do not break law in prevention of lawbreaking.

Goal never justifies the means, except for punishment.

You can only do to others what they wouldn’t want to be done to them if you are dealing punishment.

Self-defense is a special case of dealing punishment.