Tories and me


I loved it when Margaret Thatcher silenced socialist voices at an internal party meeting by slamming the book of Austrian school of economy at the soapbox and telling them that this is what we believe.

I loved it when a couple of major party figures backed the separation of United Kingdom from EU, or what I call Union of Socialist European Republics.

Immediately after Brexit I was promised that suspicious Dave will keep on to his job as PM for another few months so I promptly joined the party in hope of being able to elect the party leader, who will then become the PM.

I was somewhat bewildered by the political animosity between previously mentioned two Tory Brexit-supporters, and I was totally had by swift election of Theresa May who unfortunately seems to be in bed with socialists.

A few days later, as if to rub it in, I received a welcome letter in which six of proposed six Conservative priorities would receive full support of Marx, Lenin and Engels. This disturbing letter made it clear to me that Conservatives of 2016-17 have little to do with free market policies or lowering taxes.

I resigned to let my unfortunate Tory membership be never extended, but I remembered a nice lady who was canvassing for them at the time of General Elections explaining to me that my then perceived and later proved shift to socialist policies has nothing to do with local structures. So when I received an invitiation to the local party AGM I thought I will go and give them a last chance. I was humbled by the warm welcome I received, somewhat explained by the dwindling membership numbers. I was wholly disapointed by what I learned about the direction the party is going, as it unfortunately confirmed my worst suspicions. 

While I joined UKIP in 2012 and served as a committee member for a couple of years, I did not take very active part in Brexit campaign and at the time I had little to do with party meetings because I was focused on my newly started business and my growing  family. Having said this, I did support Brexit financially and with a couple of adverts in the Independence UKIP periodical. And by the way, I strongly believe that if not for the very significant support of Donald Trump for Brexit, we would get another referendum like the Irish had, instead of Article 50 trigger.

I mention Donald Trump because like him I became an unwilling politician. I never wanted it, but I have three daughters and I do not want the scourge of Socialism hanging over their lives. Socialism as a system of governing human resources provably sucks because it motivates its participants to do the wrong thing. Socialism is a system which is easily exploited by the bad guys, and it motivates the good guys to exploit the system for their selfish benefits too. In the long run it degenerates people, it turns good people into bad people. I do not want my children to live their lives in this system, but the current lot of politicians are unwilling to change it, so I became a different politician and I am going to stand in May 4th local elections for West End, Lightwater and Bisley under the UKIP flag.

I sincerely believe that there are a lot of honest people in the Tory party who do not believe in socialism and want the return of individual liberty and responsibility. I hope I will get their vote, too.