The problem with Lenin and Seth Meyers

During the 2016 USA Presidential Election Campaign in which @realDonaldTrump was fighting @realHillaryClinton I had my eye on A Closer Look and one thing struck me in particular.

‘Liberal types’ can be defined as having their ethics enslaved to rules and regulations of society, which makes their ethics malleable.

One problem with Liberal Types seems to be stemming from their 0-1 or black-white approach to judging people.

They normally find it difficut to understand that someone may be a brilliant painter or decorator but at the same time terrible ethicist or empath. 

They literally think it is deeply ethically wrong to praise an aspect of an evil person, if only to point out our own wrongdoings.

Jesus would note: get the woodchips out of your eyes first, before you try to remove splinter off my back please.

The problem with totally condemning people who did one thing wrong is that if you  do this you will also let the people who did some good things, you will let them do evil things.

If your moral compass is enslaved, you will vote for evil such as Socialism which specifically forces people to do to others what the others do not want to be done to them. Socialics claim that their goal justifies their evil means.

I would not mind if Socialists such as Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stopped spreading their Lie. 

If law is poisoned by thieves and the system starts favouring corruption and criminals over people who do not do to others what others would not want to be done to them, it is time to act. 

Please note that both introverts and extroverts subscribe to Golden Rule or Ultimate Law.

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