Good vs Evil

Evil is when you do something which is not a punishment to someone against their will.

Good is when you do something which is not evil but which someone would want to be done.

Everything else is a Maybe.

Bad Perspective

I read the following on

Einstein's Theory of Relativity, which was initially published in 1905, said that space and time were interwoven in a single continuum known as space time, but that events could occur at different times depending on the position of the observer. 

And I got slightly upset, as in reality Einstein said nothing of the sort. The big fat lie of 'continuous spacetime' was propagated by enemies of Einstein, who thought him to be extremely onerous. The falsity is said to be initiated by Minkowski, one of Einsten's teachers who wanted nothing more than to diminish the accomplishments of his former student.

Minkowski was a medicore mathematician without any proven understanding of relativity or holding significant personal grudge towards Einstein, otherwise he would not advocate the big fat lie of 'continuous spacetime' as an accurate description of physical reality, a falsity which to this day prevents most honest people from understanding the simplicity of relativity, understanding time and understanding how to refute the 'shrinking space' bullshit stories sold by some in the academia ;]

Einstein on the other hand was no Jesus and he despised 'continuous spacetime' proponents greatly for their basic lack of understading what general relativity means. During the later part of his life he became a bitter sociopath, misunderstood and neglected by main stream physicists, observing the beginnning of the rule of mob in aceademia gleefully described in main stream media as peer revieved science. Current circle of mutual admiration causes the spinning of the likes of Copernicus and Galileo in their graves and I bet the irony is not lost on Einstein either.

Some strange things happen when you start to travel that fast. Firstly, time slows down. Second, Santa gets squished which means that he can fit down a chimney more easily. 

This collision scenario only works the way desribed if you are stuck in pre-Copernicus state of mind and cannot fathom a different point of view. From the point of view of Santa, nothing gets squished, it is just that everything around him is changing very slowly, as his personal, or as physicists would say - local, rate of change in space is tremendously high. Santa always takes up the same amount of space, but because of doppler effects he will appear as being shorter for a distant observer. Who will eventually observe the big bang as Santa collides with brick and mortar observer. I bet the irony is not lost on Zeno, of the paradox fame.

In reality time is not an object nor part of space time, it is a relation between change occuring in distant space and point of view in space. While space is continuous in the sense that Planck's lenght does not exist, time is not part of space in any objective sense, it is a relation between objects in space. Change however, is atomic and follows the basic and distinct three-state logic of objective base reality. The act of observation is always atomic, never continuous, by the very definition of what observation is.

Time is the illusion at point of view, subject to doppler effects as the information about change at distant point propagates through space. Please stop fooling people with the 'shrinking space' lie, it is the time illusion which shrinks, and the illusion only works for distant observer and not at all for the Santa. It 'works' until the inevitable collision, that is.

Murder Case

According to modern science, the last will of murdered person is always to kill the murderer in self defence. 

Homo Sapiens are wired through their neural network coprocessors in the brain grown from code in DNA passed to us from ancestors to posess self preservation instincts.

So if you scan the brain of any person being aware of them being murdered by a murderer, you will find out that they want to save their life at the cost of the murserer's life. It is pretty well understood primitive biological function of the primal brain we all share.

It is only because the murderer did not gave the victim the chance to execute their self defence rights that we will setup a justice system and execute it in their name as retribution. We will mourn and more as restitution.

Such is the logic of reality, believe me ;]

Having said this, if you want to be like Jesus, you can forgive by default in all cases.

What is Reality?

Base Reality

In order to understand physics of objective reality which we all share and occupy, one needs to understand what it is made of at the basic level, before embarking on the next steps explaining time, matter, energy and space. It will be much more difficult if one does not start at the beginning.


Reality is the ever-changing three-state object.

To define reality as we all share it, at minimum[1] we need an object which can freely change its state between three options available to it and no end to the changes between the three states. With the above two assumptions, the object produces what we all are and share.

To define reality in scientific terms you need to assume:

0. Logic, to assume in the first place. One will need a circle to define zero, therefore logic of reality is recurrent because one needs infinityto define logic. Pi is half-infinity as it has no end, but one needs infinity to define half of it.

1. Three distinct states, let us call these Yes, No and Maybe for the sake of communication.

2. Infinite force of free change between these 3 states, ‘free’ meaning all states can change to any of the other state. Yes can change to No or Maybe, No can change to Yes or Maybe, Maybe can change to Yes or No. ‘Infinite’ meaning without end nor beginning.

The two assumptions together create reality.


As with any scientific theory, there are implications.

Continuous space is the effect of infinite change.

Reality object holds no prejudices about its materiality. It only has three states but its change does not end.

According to mathematics of Albert Einstein, on whose never disproven giant shoulders this definition of reality is built, we all share continuous three dimensional space and the illusion of time as change of this 3d space. His theory explains time direction as direction of change from the source to observer.[citation needed] Definition of reality as three state object which can change ad infinitum is what binds his and quantum theory of his friend Niels Bohr together.

According to the definition applied to general relativity by Einstein, time is the illusion caused by relation of the order of informationreceived about distant change from infinite directions in a point of view.

Space is continuous but change is distinct. Change is atomic but space can divide indefinitely. Time is both atomic and continuous as it is the affect of atomic change in continuous space.

Time is the effect of change and does not exist on its own. Time is a relation between objects, not an object. Time is different for every point of continuous space. There is no time travel possible, but one can affect the rate of change locally.

Three states is quantifiable, but infinity of change is what makes reality rich.

Three states of free will object make change appear to be one directional and in line with how most people perceive time.

Matter and energy are forms of change in space.

Vacuum is lack of change in space.

This theory predicts that we are in the base reality which is expanding.

This theory predicts there is no Planck length, just this three state object which is forced by will to change. The result of division by zero does not exist in reality, because it cannot be defined by three state logic. Reality object cannot perform division by zero but it can indefinitely divide by two.

According to the theory, once we find minimum length we will have the proof that our reality is not the base reality but a simulation instead.

This theory is based on the work of great John Conway who predicted that if free will exists, nothing else does and provided convincing logic to accompany the claim.[2]


  2. Conway, John H.; Simon Kochen (2009). "The strong free will theorem"

Does goal justify the means?

There is no other way to realise liberal goals than to lie, steal and cheat. 

Please ask the question “does goal justify the means” to your extremely liberal friends and watch the cognitive dissonance set in. Huge laughs, typically.

Income tax is a good example of lie about stealing which liberals use to further their goals.

Another funny one is when they lie about National Socialism being far right rather than far left.

You can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor. True or false, what difference does it make?


What would Jesus say?

What would Jesus say to a bunch of IT recruiters? 

He could have mentioned the story of judging. 

Before you try to remove splinter from your fellow human being's eye, make sure you are not crossed.

Say, you cannot heal the world before you heal yourself first.

Reality is Simple but Infinite

During the POTUS campaign of 2016 I had a privilege of watching one of the original Monty Pythons go candid about his ability to understand reality.

He argued that we really do know very little, and that the reality is complicated and confusing. You can appreciate the quality of his argument on YouTube while it lasts.

It is true that reality is complicated, but the main thing which is probably confusing to 'Liberal Types' is caused by layers of cognitive dissonance embedded in their neural networks over the years.

'Liberal types' can be defined as having their ethics enslaved to rules and regulations of society, which makes their ethics malleable as the society goes through changes.

It is perfectly understood that once a neural network reaches the point where it can see that two or more core principles on which it was operating turn out to be incompatible with each other, it will cover it all up in another layer of cognitive dissonance scarring and self-distrust to protect itself from malfunction.

I wonder what would be the best cure for this projection.

The problem with Lenin and Seth Meyers

During the 2016 USA Presidential Election Campaign in which @realDonaldTrump was fighting @realHillaryClinton I had my eye on A Closer Look and one thing struck me in particular.

'Liberal types' can be defined as having their ethics enslaved to rules and regulations of society, which makes their ethics malleable.

One problem with Liberal Types seems to be stemming from their 0-1 or black-white approach to judging people.

They normally find it difficut to understand that someone may be a brilliant painter or decorator but at the same time terrible ethicist or empath. 

They literally think it is deeply ethically wrong to praise an aspect of an evil person, if only to point out our own wrongdoings.

Jesus would note: get the woodchips out of your eyes first, before you try to remove splinter off my back please.

The problem with totally condemning people who did one thing wrong is that if you  do this you will also let the people who did some good things, you will let them do evil things.

If your moral compass is enslaved, you will vote for evil such as Socialism which specifically forces people to do to others what the others do not want to be done to them. Socialics claim that their goal justifies their evil means.

I would not mind if Socialists such as Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stopped spreading their Lie. 

If law is poisoned by thieves and the system starts favouring corruption and criminals over people who do not do to others what others would not want to be done to them, it is time to act. 

Please note that both introverts and extroverts subscribe to Golden Rule or Ultimate Law.

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Why Do Gaming Communities Exclude Women?

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The subject of this entry may strike you as peculiar, but it is one of the many tricks used by people who are trying to gain social media followers. Followers are valuable because you can, from time to time, ask them for a favour, and if there are lots of them, they can be quite powerful in spreading your message.

The answer to the title question is undefined. The question is based on false assumptions: iMtG community include women. At worst, one woman may feel excluded, but she asked for it in a rather peculiar way.

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