I hate Socialism, for the same reason why Bill Gates hates malaria. It kills too many people.

I was born against my will in a Socialist country, in a vulnerable family. It sucked big time in comparison to being born in vulnerable family in a Free Market country.

My hate for socialism is so huge, that it trumps everything else ;) When you think about my hate for socialism, think about the biggest hate ever because when you hate something you may as well hate it big. I want socialism destroyed and removed absolutely and totally, with the use of science and logic so that there is nothing left of this big lie. My hate for socialism is so big, that it eats up all the hate reserves I have and I have to love everything else by default. I love my guests, I love my customers, my business partners, I'm a nice person.

As a kid I realised I'm American, as defined by the Founding Fathers. By the time I was grown up enough to move America no longer existed and I live in the UK now. I wait impatiently for America To Become Great Again so I can move back to my home country.

Ultimate Law was designed to be the constitution of Earth. Applied at country level, it will stop Communism, Socialism and the like. It will force a minimal government on states.

Implementing Ultimate Law will make forced taxation on labour and such impossible. The legal way for government to raise money is via voluntary contributions or income from government-owned property and government provided services.

It will make redistribution of wealth illegal. It will make mandatory insurance, such as NIC or car insurance in UK, illegal. It will make illegal the VAT and any other tax or regulation interfering with non-harmful trade. 

It will make legal possiession of self defence tools such as firearms.

The government must never be allowed to change the law, ever.

When the law is used to guide AI, instead of 3 robot laws by great Isaac Asimov, the results are more humane.

Ultimate Law is being used and tried as a tool, solving real life problems. As a fresh father I very smoothly applied it as my Family Law. I use it to solve conflicts in the family, as objectively as possible. I believe this to be primary role of the head of any organisation: to be able to impartially solve conflicts within their organisation. Thus, ultimate law runs my family, my business, my forum/trading community, my life ;)

It is perhaps running your life too, because it is compatible with all good-willed non-evil Religions that I know of, and I know a bunch. I'm a self-proclaimed prophet of Jedi, I teach the proper use of the Force ;]