May the 4th local elections in Lightwater, West End and Bisley

I am standing in the local elections as UKIP candidate with a very simple agenda:

Less and lower taxes, because people know better than government what to do with their money.

More cuts to bureaucracy, because small government is lesser of the evils and works better for citizens.

Stop wealth redistribution performed by government bureaucrats and support independent charities instead, because voluntarily we can help the vulnerable in much better and more efficient way.

Ignore or ridicule political correctnessb  as appropriate, because truth is better than lie.

Support proper policing and sensible security which benefits all honest constituents, because government better do its duty.

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Good vs EvilGood vs Evil

Evil is when you do something which is not a punishment to someone against their will. Good is when you do something which is not evil but which someone would want to be